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Casement windows & doors

◆ Casement doors and windows commonly called openable are traditional doors pivoting on an outer frame.

◆ UPVC casement doors and windows ensure considerable reduction of noise, dust and other pollutants by use of EPDM sealing solution around its outer frame.

◆ Casement doors could be fitted with mesh (fibre or SS), glasses with varying thickness (5mm to DGU 25mm), or UPVC panels or ACP sheets.

◆ EDPM sealing solution holds the fitted glass or ACP sheets tight and intact.

◆ UPVC solution allows to have inward or outward openable solutions.

Designs of Casement doors :

◆ One or two doors or windows pivoting on any one side of the frame.

◆ French design.

◆ Top hung

◆ And many other combination of openable and fixed options.