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sliding windows & doors

◆ Sliding Windows & Doors gives a solution of optimal space utilization and broad opening with aesthetic modern look.

◆ With two or more sashes (doors or windows) that slide horizontally on a outer frame.

◆ Broader opening allows more lighting and air to come in.

◆ UPVC sliding doors with nylon rollers are smoother than aluminium or other traditional sliding doors.

◆ Multipoint locking systems ensure better safety and security. • Sashes could be fitted with mesh (fibre or SS), glasses with varying thickness (5mm to DGU 25mm), or UPVC panels or ACP sheets.

Designs of Sliding doors :

◆ Two track – two sliding sashes (doors or windows).

◆ Two track – one sliding and one fixed sashes.

◆ Two track – one sliding and two fixed sashes.

◆ Two track – two sliding and two fixed sashes.

◆ Three track – three or more sliding sashes.

◆ And many other combinations of sliding and fixed sashes.